Guest Wifi Marketing Solutions in Dubai | Guest Wifi Marketing Software & Platform
Guest Wifi Marketing Solutions: Enhancing Connectivity and Engagement

Transforming Connectivity: The Leading Guest Wifi Marketing Platform in the UAE

We provide Hardware ,one year subscription, device replacement and support

Choose the access point that works best for you. Or the cheapest one. Or ask us to support your favorite brand. Smart Social WiFi is vendor-agnostic and works great with a wide range of access points, indoor or outdoor, desktop or ceiling - mountable, even with POE, The same superpowers for each AP, one single centralized dashboard we even support your existing access points which you already have thus solution is absolutely cost effective

we support many brands some name are Tp-link, Ubiquiti , D-link, NetGear, ligowave, Openmesh, alfa, linksys, Wi-next,power-cloud and many more

Revolutionizing Guest Wifi Marketing in Dubai: Our Software Solutions

We are constantly developing technological advancements in our product lines . Our team of field service technicians is highly trained to provide technical assistance, remote monitoring and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our guest Wifi marketing software is designed to help businesses in Dubai leverage their Wifi networks to engage customers, collect valuable data, and drive sales. With our innovative software solutions, businesses can transform their Wifi networks into powerful marketing channels, reaching customers in new and exciting ways. As we continue to advance our cutting-edge products, we will provide our customers with the support and service they require through highly engaged, proficient and dedicated employees.

  • Device replacement in 8 hrs. times

  • 99% up time for Social Wi-Fi solutions

  • 24/7 Customer service support

  • Prompt response in lines with less turnaround time

  • Repair and Replacement of defective spare parts

Guest Wifi Marketing Solutions in Dubai
Captive Portal Wifi Solution in Dubai

Captive Portal: Your Brand's Gateway to Guest Wifi Marketing

Smart Social Captive Portal Wi-Fi Authentication Splash Page is simple to setup for you, and super-simple to use for the Wi-Fi clients as well: no more Wi-Fi clients stuck during the authentication process. Start now building your customized and branded splash page!

  • We give your your page designed for portal

  • you customer will not see our details , its all yours

  • Add your logo to the splash page, remove , change colors and background

  • Choose the authentication method: click-through, email or phone based (with SMS verification), voucher based authentication, social login

  • Publish video and image rotating advertisements through the built-in smart system for advertising

  • No coding, no 3rd party application needed.