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Unlocking Connectivity: Exploring the Power of Social WiFi

We know that keeping customers coming back to your business can be challenging, especially with current Market scenario and competition. The whole idea of Social Wifi software is to help you achieve just that. Our aim is to build powerful, long standing relationships between customers and your business. The concept is a lot simpler to understand and install:

Offer your customers free wifi Dubai, and in return, you then have the ability to provide data approved by social media wifi solution providers in UAE. Once you know who your customers are, the more you can achieve through powerful and personal touch communication

Smart Social Wifi is a modern analytics and marketing tool which allows owners of various establishments to identify and interact with their guests, for example by using real-time promotional campaigns, mailing, conducting surveys via star rating system and gathering feedback and thus improving the overall quality of services. Social WiFi marketing platform allows any organization to identify their client, analyze their overall experiences and improve the establishment enabling more Clients to revisit more often and also spreading the words, consequently providing more profit and good fame. There are over 1,000,000 users of Social wifi marketing software on over 20 markets UAE, INDIA, OMAN, Saudi , QATAR and we have a proven track in GCC / India Market for the past 18 years in HR Software, Cyber Security Consulting Service in Dubai, People Counting and IT Services

Maximizing Benefits: How Social WiFi Marketing Software Can Enhance Your Business

  • A good Wi-Fi connection can attract users to a location

  • Instead of having to create a new username and password, users can easily log in using their favorite social networking account (Facebook / Google+ / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Windows Live ). Conversely, users can login using a coupon code provided by the company.

  • The splash page helps companies promoting their brands and products: Smart Social-WiFi includes a built-in system for advertising that allows users to facebook wifi check-in at their current location, for increased social exposure.

  • The Smart Social-WiFi Dashboard allows the company to analyze Wi-Fi data and get a snapshot of the day to day activity.

  • Smart Social-WiFi can be integrated with a 3rd party CRM or any social wifi marketing platform.

Benefits of Social WiFi Marketing Software for Business

Experience Seamless Connectivity: Our WiFi Marketing Software in Dubai

  • Social Wifi Hotspot, Set Up & Support

  • Wifi Marketing Device setup

  • Web portal for you to access data

  • page designed for smart customer wifi access, basic

  • existing routers or Wi-Fi device

supported brands are

Alfa Networks, D-Link, EGenius, LigoWave

Linksys,MikroTik, Netgear, OpenMesh, PowerCloud,TP-Link,Ubiquiti,Wi-Next

Understanding the Functionality of Smart Social WiFi

Smart Social Wifi provides retailers with an omni channel way to socially engage with their customers in and around the store.

Step 1. Customize the Wifi captive portal solution with your brand and integrate your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. On connecting to the Guest SSID, users will see your branded social wifi captive portal. They can then use the social channel of their choice to log in and enjoy the Guest Wifi marketing solution.

Step 2. You can readily implement various incentives or social payment workflows with AirTight Social Wifi. For instance: Sign up your Guest Wifi users as a Facebook fan or a Twitter or LinkedIn follower or Let them spread your custom message or special offers with their friends or connections or Let them opt in to share their public information from social media sites; or Encourage them to register and opt in to your offline and online marketing programs.

Step 3. Finally, your Guest Wifi solution users can be redirected to your chosen web page, e.g., your website, an online ordering portal, or a landing page with a special offer for your loyal customers

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